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Thai man arrested for stealing over 300 underwear, bras in ten years

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Thai man arrested for stealing over 300 underwear, bras in ten years | Samui Times
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A 36-year-old Thai man has been arrested for stealing women’s bras and underwear at boarding houses in Udon Thani’s Mueang district during the past ten years. He has been doing this without capturing the attention of his wife.
Udon Thani police chief Pol Maj Gen Chaiyatti Saithin told a press conference Wednesday that police found over 300 pieces of bras and underwear at the house of the suspect, Witthaya Somsong.
Chaiyatti said Mueang Udon Thani police station conducted an investigation and made the arrest after a 22-year-old government official filed a complaint on June 21 that more than 10 pieces of her underwear and bras were stolen from her room at the Sri Sudta boarding house.
Police checked feeds from a security camera of the boarding house and saw Witthaya entering the boarding house and took away the underwear and bras.
After his arrest, Witthaya led police to retrieve a bag of the bras and underwear he dropped on a remote roadside spot on the road leading to his house. Police also found more than 300 other pieces at his house.
He admitted that when he drank, he had an urge to steal used underwear and bras.
While Thairath reported that the man liked to touch the bras and underwear for self gratification without sniffing them, Khom Chad Luek reported that the man admitted that he liked to sniff the used pieces.
He said he also liked to collect the used underwear and bras and his wife did not know it.
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