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Thai man died after “overdoing it” in Khon Kaen hotel room

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Thai man died after “overdoing it” in Khon Kaen hotel room | Samui Times
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A young Thai man died in a Khon Kaen hotel room after police said he likely “overdid it” with a female companion, reported the Thai media.

Muang police went to room 525 on the fifth floor of a well known downtown hotel where they found 32 year old Watchara dead, face up on the bed.

Thai man died afterHis surname was withheld.

He was wearing a t-shirt but was naked from the waist down.

On the bed forensics found a long hair that looked like a female hair and on the floor was a used condom, reported Daily News.

Hotel staff said that the man was a frequent visitor to the hotel and checked in alone on Saturday. When the maid went on Sunday she used her key to get in but found the chain was on.

She could see inside that something was amiss and called the police.

Yutthana Ngamchat of Muang district police said it was likely that the deceased had brought a woman to the room and after sex she had left.

He said that the victim was probably overtired and the excessive use of energy probably caused him to have a heart attack.

An autopsy should confirm the cause of death.

Thai Visa / Daily News

Thai man died after

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