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Thai man takes grandfather hostage in Bangkok standoff

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Thai man takes grandfather hostage in Bangkok standoff
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A 70 year old Thai grandfather was taken hostage by his 35 year old grandson in a Bangkok hotel leading to a standoff that ended when police tased the man. The incident took place in the Charoen Krung area of Bang Rak in the capital city.

The grandson had recently been released from prison one month prior after serving a sentence for theft. It was reported that he had not found any employment since he was released.

He had left his home two days ago telling his family that he was off to search for his girlfriend, and family members say that they didn’t hear from him again until they discovered him staying at a 600 baht a night hotel room. His reasoning for staying there have not been explained.

Yannawa police were called to the scene at 11 am yesterday where 3 shophouses on Soi 44 were being used at the hotel. The man had holed up on the fourth floor where he had taken his grandfather hostage using a 6-inch knife.

After police arrived and negotiated, they convinced the man to bring his grandfather downstairs but as the two exited the hotel the hostage-taker held his grandfather in a headlock with a knife to his throat. When he got 20 meters from the hotel entrance police deployed a taser and were able to stun the man into submission and free his grandfather who escaped the incident unharmed.

Details of how the situation began and why it escalated into a hostage standoff have not yet been clarified. But both the grandfather and the grandson were transported to Lertsin Hospital for care.



Courtesy ofThaiger News

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