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Thai men took off their shirts to keep ‘homeless’ farang warm, didn’t forget to film themselves

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Thai men took off their shirts to keep ‘homeless’ farang warm, didn’t forget to film themselves | Samui Times
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A video of two Thai men going out of their way to help a foreigner on a street has made an impression on Thai netizens while, at the same time, sparked criticism — because why film a video when you genuinely want to help someone?

thai men take of shirts for homeless falangIn the video, posted on July 27, Facebook user Chalad Ton takes off his green T-shirt and tries to put it on a foreigner who sits in front of a convenience store on a rainy day. The white man looks confused at first but accepted Chalad’s shirt.

Then, another Thai man comes in, takes off his moto jacket, and hands it to the foreigner. Chalad also gives the man some cash (looks like a couple hundred-baht bills).

The foreigner gave them a wai to express his gratitude.

“It was a rainy day with heavy traffic. When I got to the store, I saw a familiar farang, shaking in the cold,” Chalad wrote. “I thought he must have been colder than I was.”

A woman’s voice in the video is heard “How come the embassy does not help him?”

Chalad explained in another Facebook status that he didn’t know the other Thai man that sacrificed his jacket to help the foreigner, but he’d like the guy to keep doing good for society.

“This shows the kindness of the Thai people. I did good and people could see because all of you shared the video. Thank you for your praise because it will drive me to continue to do good,” he wrote last night.

While most people admire Chalad for having a good heart, some pointed out that he just wanted to build a good image for himself. It was also voiced that, if this was the case, we all should try to come off as good people by helping someone.

“Even if he just wanted to build a good image, he made someone happy. In that case, let’s do it. We should all try to come off like good people. This is Siam, the land of giving. I’m impressed,” the top comment said.

“Some people say he’s just trying to come off like a good guy, but he does have a good heart!” another user said.
The video received almost four millions views. It was unclear where the footage was taken.



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