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Thai Military Govt to Publish PR Gazettes

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Thai Military Govt to Publish PR Gazettes | Samui Times
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Thailand’s military government will distribute 10,000 free pamphlets to the public this month explaining what it has accomplished since seizing power in a coup nearly ten months ago.

The 12-page gazettes will be printed by the end of this month and distributed at public transportation hubs in Bangkok, including skytrain and subway stations, bus stops, and pedestrian bridges, officials at the Office of Prime Minister said today.

There is also a plan to distribute the gazettes in provinces outside of Bangkok.

According to officials, the first issue will feature projects initiated by Prime Minister and junta chairman Prayuth Chan-ocha, such as the floating market and orchid market organized near the Government House. Other pages will be devoted to works and projects of different Ministries in Gen. Prayuth’s government.

Gen. Prayuth seized power from an elected government in a military coup on 22 May 2014. He has consistently sought to deflect criticism about the military takeover and his continued use of martial law by focusing on the reforms and policy projects his government has overseen.

“The other day, some reporter asked me what the government has done so far,” Gen. Prayuth said in a speech on 6 March, “I almost punched that reporter in the face. I have done so many things, can they not see it? I will keep talking about what I have done. I am willing to be tired and hurt my throat.”

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