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Thai PM urges people not to panic, and not to panic buy

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Thai PM urges people not to panic, and not to panic buy | Samui Times
PHOTO: Thai prime minister Prayut Chan-o-cha addressing the nation yesterday - The Nation
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Thailand’s PM has made an hour-long address yesterday to bring Thai people, and expats, up to date with the Government’s current measures. He asked the population… “to take care of their health, to eat only well-cooked and clean food, to avoid sharing spoons and glasses, to wear face masks in high-risk areas, to wash their hands often with soap and water, especially if they have touched hand rails and door knobs, and the avoidance of crowds”.

Thailand registered 33 new cases yesterday after reporting 32 new cases on Sunday. There are currently 147 reported cases in Thailand. Only one person has died at this stage – an elderly patient with underlying dengue fever symptoms.

PM Prayut told a packed media conference that the rapid increase in new Covid-19 cases since last week has caused panic among some members of the public, who have started panic buying essential items, resulting in a shortage of face masks and hand sanitisers.

Prayut appealed to the public to remain calm and “not to hoard”, claiming that it is unnecessary under the present circumstances and puts pressure on retailers and suppliers.

“Thailand can survive the Covid-19 pandemic, but only with the cooperation of all Thai people, by delaying all foreign travel, strictly observing the 14 day self-quarantine upon their return.”

The PM assured the public that it has been taking all the necessary steps to stem the contagion, including preparation of medical personnel, equipment and medicine, as well as facilities for virus screening and testing and treatment of those infected.

The Thai PM cited the World Health Organisation’s prediction that the pandemic will spread widely. Prayut stressed the Thai Government will do its best to minimise the death toll and control the spread of the coronavirus.

“All Thais may suffer, but will get through the crisis “f we all have patience and unite.”

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