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Thai prisoners allowed to fight for their lives

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Thai prisoners allowed to fight for their lives | Samui Times
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According to a mini documentary by Coconuts TV foreign Muay Thai fighters are competing in rings inside Thai jails through an organization called prison fight. The attraction for the international fighters, according to the martial arts expert presenter, John Nutt is “epic bragging rights” and the opportunity to live out their wildest combat fantasies.

Thai boxingJohn visits Klong Pai Central Prison at Nakhon Ratchasima to watch a fight in what he describes as a beautiful prison. After some speeches are made both the Thai and foreign fighters perform a traditional dance to show respect, for the foreign fighter the thrill of fighting a Thai prisoner is clear, according to the report for the Thai prisoner, a win can result in his sentence being reduced. However, with the Thai fighters training twice a day, six days a week, their odds of winning are pretty good.

Masood Izadi, from Iran, is one of the fighters who takes part in a jail fight, having taken part in 275 fights outside the jail. He fights an inmate who is a non violent offender serving time for drug possession and wins his fight. Fighter curt Robinson told the presenter that he does not see this kind of fight as a gimmick but as a great opportunity for the prisons to reduce their sentences and a great opportunity for fighters such as himself to get inside the jails to fight.

Prisoner Tunya Boontanom is a prisoner in the jail, he has been there for two years and four months and has spent his sentence so far in training. He has been practicing Muay Thai since he was five years old, but will have to be three years into his sentence before he can use his skills to reduce it.

The short film finishes with John Nutt likening this scheme to real life Arnold Schwarzenegger running man movie.

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