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Thai son fakes his own death to con mum out of 60,000 baht in funeral expenses

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Thai son fakes his own death to con mum out of 60,000 baht in funeral expenses | Samui Times
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A Thai man posted pictures of himself online apparently dead.

Thai son fakes his own death to con mum out of 60,000 baht in funeral expenses | News by Samui TimesHe was lying down with cotton wool stuck in both his nostrils and text from his wife spoke of the tragedy after he suffered an asthma attack.

But it was all a con to rip off his relatives and friends to the tune of 60,000 baht.

Sanook reporters went to a temple in Lampang in Thailand’s north where they met Phra Bunchuay a monk who is the uncle of the man at the center of the con.

He said that the relatives had clubbed together to book a pavilion at the temple to hold the funeral after the wife of his nephew contacted his mother by phone.

The son and his wife had gone to work in Ayuthaya many years ago.

The wife said that her husband had died suddenly from asthma – a condition he was known to have suffered from for a long time.

The mother was naturally distraught and in floods of tears during the call on July 14th.

The wife asked for 60,000 baht to pay for a coffin and have the body transported back for the funeral rites in his hometown in Lampang.

She said the body was lying at a temple in Ayuthaya. The money was transferred to the wife’s account.

The temple was booked, wreathes were ordered and a Chinese table feast was arranged.

The family waited in tears for the body to arrive on the 15th. They called the deceased’s wife who said she had reached Nakorn Sawan on the sad journey north.

By early evening there was no sign of them. By late night still no one showed up. Then the wife stopped answering calls.

A policeman relative contacted the temple of Wat Phra Aram Luang in Ayuthaya and they said they had never had a body by that name. The local hospital too were sure that they had not had an asthma victim in that name at all.

The penny finally dropped and everyone was as mad as hell.

It was all confirmed when the supposedly dead man actually answered his own phone and hurriedly cut the call off.

Sanook contacted the mum who said that she was furious with her son and can’t understand why he would do such a thing.

He had visited Lampang with his wife just a week before the hoax and she had taken them out to dinner. All seemed well.

She confirmed that she had had to endure the sight of seeing her son apparently dead in the pictures posted on a chat forum.

“He has never done anything like this before,” she said. “But he is still my own flesh and blood”.

There has been no contact between either side since the hoax.


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