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Thai stepfather rapes one year old – Cambodian mother feeds her hot water to stop her crying

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Thai stepfather rapes one year old – Cambodian mother feeds her hot water to stop her crying | Samui Times
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A shocking and grievous assault on a one and a half year old baby in Chonburi has revolted the Thai public.

child rapeThe child called Bai Bua is in hospital after being raped, suffering two broken bones and being burned on the mouth. Doctors rate her survival chances as only 50-50, reported tnamcot.

Both mother and step-father have been arrested. Piya Phosang, 21, has admitted to rape and is also charged with assault causing grievous bodily harm. Mother Nit, 21, a Cambodian national is charged with assault causing grievous bodily harm.

Both appeared on national TV this morning. When reporters pressed the step-father if he was high on drugs or alcohol he said that he was not. He told police that he raped the baby because he needed sex and only stopped when she started crying. Both apologized for what they had done.

Nong Kham police were alerted to the crime on Tuesday night by staff at Laem Chabang Hospital who said that they were treating a Cambodian girl aged 1 year 5 months who had a broken right arm, broken left thighbone, ruptured genitals and a swollen mouth consistent with being fed hot water.

The mother told police that she and Piya lived on a construction site in Sri Racha, Chonburi. On Thursday last week she went out to buy lunch and when she returned she saw that her daughter’s genital area was wounded and there was blood coming from her vagina.

On Sunday an argument developed between the mother and step-father. She said that Piya stamped on the infant’s stomach then grabbed the child’s head smashing it into the floor. He then grabbed her arm and pulled it from its socket. She managed to escape the room with her daughter but still did not take her to hospital.

She said that on Tuesday her baby daughter would not stop crying and was not moving and she fed her boiled water mixed with cold water. She saw that shortly after Bai Bua’s mouth swelled up and marks started appearing on her chest. She then took her to hospital.

Piya admitted rape when interviewed by police. He said that he wanted sex but did not ejaculate after the baby started crying. The mother has since claimed that the incident with the hot water was not intentional.

Provincial police chief Amphon Buarapporn has visited the injured girl who has now been transferred to Chonburi Hospital. Doctors there say the child has only a 50-50 chance of living due to the serious nature of her injuries.

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