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Thai study examines lasting side effects of Long Covid-19

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Thai study examines lasting side effects of Long Covid-19
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While most are relieved that swelling cases that the highly contagious Omicron variant of Covid-19 resulted in have not brought with it an equal swell in Covid-19 related death, more and more research is uncovering long-term effects of the virus. Respiratory and nervous system issues along with skin conditions, mental problems, and heart and blood issues have all been found to be lasting ailments in what is now being called Long Covid-19.

A new Thai study by the Medical Services Department uncovered different ailments people suffer from. The study was conducted by a division of the department called The Institute of Medical Research and Technology Assessment.

Symptoms and side effects suffered by people with Long Covid-19 are considered to be anything that afflicts the person after more than 3 months since they recovered from a Covid-19 infection and continues for at least 2 more months after that time.

The department said that anyone suffering from these symptoms should seek treatment if the problem persists for more than 2 months after their recovery, but explained that usually these persistent symptoms will fade away over time without the need for specific medical attention before the end of that two-month period.

Of those people who suffer long-term side effects from a previous Covid-19 infection, or Long Covid-19, these 6 categories represent the most common afflictions.

Respiratory System44.38%Chronic cough, shortness of breath, panting
Mental Health32.1%Depression, anxiety, sleeping disorders
Nervous System27.33%Muscle atrophy, dizziness, headaches, forgetfulness
General23.41%Joint or muscle pains, exhaustion
Cardiovascular22.86%Heart palpitations, chest pains, heart and blood problems
Dermatological22.8%Skin rashes, hair loss

SOURCE: Thai PBS World

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