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Thai tourists say they were fleeced by Loei tour company

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Thai tourists say they were fleeced by Loei tour company | Samui Times
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A large group of Thai tourists from the north eastern province of Loei have claimed that they have been conned out of nearly have a million baht by a local tour company.

Thai TouristsMonthicha Tharathorn and seven other claimants went to see trading standards officers saying that they and 81 others have been tricked out of 5,000 baht each.

The group of 89 people from Loei paid 30,000 baht each to go to South Korea. One day before the trip each of the travelers was phoned and asked to transfer 5,000 baht that was a “guarantee” demanded by the South Korean government for Thai visitors.

They were told that this money would be returned when they had left the country. The trip was completed in March with everyone returning to Thailand but after repeated requests for the return of the money it was not forthcoming. They say in total they have been conned out of 445,000 baht from the Sugar Sweet Travel company that has its office in downtown Loei.

Stories are often reported that Thais on tours to South Korea fail to return and end up working in the country.

Officers receiving the complaint have said that they have contacted the South Korean authorities and no such guarantee exists.

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