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Thai woman faces legal charges for telling lie on Facebook

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Thai woman faces legal charges for telling lie on Facebook | Samui Times
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She may regard it as a white lie made just to have fun with a close group of friends. But the Facebook post that she removed five minutes later has landed her in a serious legal trouble and caused her to be bashed with social media outrage.
Daoruang Khansorn, 27, surrendered to Chokchai police station chief Pol Col Chairop Junnawat on Thursday, a day after she put the controversial post on the wall of her Facebook account, Nuu Title Tle.
The post was deleted five minutes later but not before the Rao Rak Dan Tamrual Facebook page has captured the picture of the post and put it on its wall. This time her infamous post seemed to stay forever, inviting so many scornful comments against her.
Daoruang posted that she has been tested to have 90 per cent milligram of blood alcohol level, which is much higher than the legal limit. She said in the post that she was lucky to have a good backing so she could walk beautifully out of the trouble instead of having to go to jail because she has good backing.
But in the post, she posted a picture of a traffic ticket, showing that she drove without a driving license.
After the Rao Rak Dan Tamruaj or We Love Police Checkpoints posted the screen captured photo of her post, it was widely shared. Many Facebook users attacked her of being stupid and of causing trouble to the traffic police officer who issued the ticket.
Then, the Chokchai police station cried foul, saying she did not drink when she was stopped for driving without license. After the infamous post became the talk of the town on online networks, the Nuu Title Tle page was closed police said.
Chairop said the woman was charged with violating the Computer Crime Act with the maximum penalty of five years in jail and/or Bt100,000 fine. She has been released on bail.
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