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Thai woman found dead in her home one year after she died in the USA

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Thai woman found dead in her home one year after she died in the USA | Samui Times
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63 year old Sunantha Simmons body was found at her Makanda Illinois home on Christmas day by relatives who came to visit her from Japan. It is though that the woman had died up to a year ago with what appears to be nobody close enough to her to discover that she had died. Many in the area assumed that she had moved back to her native Thailand.

simmonds homeIt is thought that the Thai national died of natural causes, neighbours told reporters that the lady had become something of a recluse after the death of her husband in 2005, some said that the Mrs. Simmons was troubled and had been institutionalized several times over the years for mental illness. When he step daughter came to visit from Japan she discovered that the lawn was badly over grown and packages and post were piling up outside the woman’s door. She was horrified to find her step mothers body in her garage.

One neighbor told the Southern Illinoisan that he occasionally mowed the woman’s lawn to keep it from making the neighborhood look unkempt, he went on to say that she often ordered take-away food and threw the trash out in her back yard. He told reporters that Simmons was a nice lady who became depressed after the death of her husband. It is though that the couple met during the Vietnam War where her husband John was stationed, he later went on to teach English as a second language at a university in Thailand. After his death his wife drove fifty miles three times a week to visit her husband’s grave.

Some locals said they had pondered over her disappearance, they knew she had money so just assumed she had been institutionalized or had just decided to move on and abandon the house.

Simmons was buried next to her husband at the Mount City grave yard on Tuesday, eleven people attended her funeral.

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