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Thailand and US trade and economic chat “proactive”

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Thailand and US trade and economic chat “proactive” | Samui Times
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Yesterday, a discussion was carried out between the Thai PM, Prayut Chan-o-cha and the new US ambassador to Thailand, Michael George DeSombre.

The discussion was based around “proactive” economic, trade and investment cooperation, which will be vital for redeeming the economy in the recovery of the Covid-19 crisis. The US ambassador praised the Thai government for its success in implementing effective measures to bring down the number of new Covid-19 infections.

He also pledged support to the Thai government’s fight to contain the outbreak and thanked the Thai government for taking good care of US citizens as well as other foreigners who live in Thailand. Both sides expressed their gratitude towards the Thai-US active cooperation in various areas including security and public health over the past decades.

PM Prayut also thanked the US for supplying personal protective equipment to donated to Thailand’s medical staff handling Covid-19-infected patients.

Prayut called for closer cooperation in every area of Thailand-US dealings.

The US ambassador said he intended to work hard towards promoting and strengthening the economic partnership between the US and Thailand. Gen Prayut responded by saying he is confident that every US ambassador to Thailand holds a crucial role in strengthening US-Thai relations and friendship, which have been successful and ongoing for more than 180 years.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post 

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