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Thailand is a bird flu free zone

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Thailand is a bird flu free zone | Samui Times
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The Ministry of Public Health has asserted that Thailand was free from the deadly bird flu virus, while revealing that 139 cases of H7N9 virus had been found in China.

Dr. Sopon Mekthon, Director General of the Disease Control Department, mentioned about the avian influenza A (H7N9), saying 139 cases of bird flu had been found in China, 45 of the number aged between 4 and 87 years old were killed by the disease. Most of the people killed, according to him, suffered from a severe pneumonia before they passed. He however confirmed that there has not been a single proof of a human-to-human infection case.

He went on to say that the virus has yet to be found in Thailand, while urging people who have a high risk of catching the disease to wash their hands regularly and to wear a mask at all times.

The director also suggested people cook poultry in a temperature of at least 70 degrees Celsius and avoid direct contact with live animals.

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