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Thailand considering whether to legalise casinos

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Thailand considering whether to legalise casinos | Samui Times
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Thailand could be about to make a rather huge move in regard to its stance on the iGaming industry, with it seemingly being a rather highly positive one, as well.

Recently, the parliament of Thailand has decided to launch a study into the possibility of introducing casino gaming into the country as a number of MPs had voted unanimously on the idea, despite a couple having shared their concern.

Indeed, it perhaps should not come as a surprise as online gambling and even crypto gambling has become rather popular within the Asian country, as well as across the entire continent. Many are continuing to look for the best crypto casino that they can use due to the number of benefits that they can experience. These include hidden transactions from bank statements due to the decentralized and anonymous transactions that can be made when using crypto, whilst the digital asset will also allow players to know that the games they decide to play are legitimate and safe to wager on.

However, it is important to note that it remains unclear presently as to how many casino resorts would be legalized by the preliminary plans, whilst it is not clear where they are going to be located should they be legalized.

Special committee set to be formed

A recent report from the Bangkok Post did reveal, though, that a special committee is set to be formed with the backing from the House of Representatives; the institute to have voted on it. This committee will then examine the proposal of opening a resort with a casino by having one simple objective in their mind: whether it will help to boost tourism to Thailand and help to boost the local economy.

Labelled as an “extraordinary committee”, it will have a total of 60 members and 15 of those will be representatives from the cabinet of Thailand. The remaining 45 will then be selected from the political parties that exist within the country. This study group has been said to be completed within 90 days. A number of debates have already been held by the kingdom about whether casino gaming should be made a legal activity or not, although the topic has only been able to be discussed freely recently. Former ruler, King Bhumibol Adulyadej, was strictly opposed to gambling and despite his passing in 2016, it was not until 2020 when discussions were possible as more started to come around to the idea.

Factors may have pushed Thailand’s hand

Naturally, there were a number of external factors that had perhaps forced Thailand’s hand in some form, with the global pandemic having impacted the country’s economy massively, whilst a number of arrests were made in relation to frauds that related to gambling. The Prime Minister, Prayut Chan-o-cha, stated that they would discuss the idea of legalization in January.

However, he and the leader of PPRP and deputy minister, Gen Prawit Wongsuwon, have continued to remain non-committal on the topic, with the PM having stated that it was a matter for the people.

Thailand could benefit massively

The iGaming industry, as well as Thailand, could benefit massively if it were legalized due to the number of people located in the nation, as well as the fact that gambling has continued to grow in popularity. There are around 70 million people based in the country, making it the 20th most populous in the world and despite the fact that gambling remains illegal, research has shown that up to 50% of the population participates in illegal betting.

Furthermore, those that do not wish to break the law have simply made the short trip to neighbouring countries within the Asian continent where they are able to enjoy gambling without any fear.

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