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Thailand continues debate on electronic cigarettes

Samui Times Editor



Thailand continues debate on electronic cigarettes | Samui Times
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The debate on electronic cigarettes continues in Thailand, amid a legal ban on their import and possession.

Academics and users of electronic cigarettes and baraku along with related parties have recently attended a seminar to discuss what they believe to be public confusion over these devices.

The debate was organized particularly to find an answer to the question of whether they should be supported as an alternative approach to help discourage smoking of tobacco products.

The debaters agreed that the government should make e-cigarettes and baraku an official alternative for smokers as they are less dangerous to health and cause less pollution.

The discussion also called for the government’s recognition of the legal right to choose less harmful smoking products in Thailand.

In addition, participants discussed the proposition to include e-cigarettes and baraku in the country’s import system to prevent smuggling and the proposals to set up measures to control the purchase and the use of e-cigarettes among young smokers and to conduct a study on the pros and cons of these devices.

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