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Thailand in midst of testing possible Covid-10 vaccine

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Thailand in midst of testing possible Covid-10 vaccine | Samui Times
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Both Thailand and the rest of the world are struggling to find an effective and healthy Covid-19 virus vaccine. A potential candidate for a Covid-19 vaccine is currently being studied by the National Institute of Vaccines, Thailand and the medical faculty of Mahidol Univesity and the Faculty of Pharmacy of Chulalongkorn University.

This is the final stage before the initial laboratory tests are completed.

Director of the Vaccine Institute, Dr. Nakorn Premsri says…

“If animal experiments demonstrate compelling effects by antibodies, they will be checked in three phases on humans.”

Thailand in midst of testing possible Covid-10 vaccine | News by Samui Times

“The first phase of the study will be on 30-50 subjects to check the safety of the candidate vaccine. Then the second series of tests on 100-150 subjects to decide if the candidate vaccine would stimulate the development of the necessary antibodies. The final step, which will be tested on more than 500 subjects, is to assess the effectiveness of the candidate vaccine.”

“In the first and second stages, the US, UK and China have already tested their candidate vaccines on humans. In addition to developing Thailand’s own vaccine, there is also good research in other advanced countries to seek technology transfer.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Sathaporn Phumi-amorn of the Medical Science Department says that two animal tests have been conducted, in the laboratory at Chulalongkorn University and there will be an assessment to determine antibody production levels.


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