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Thailand News: The Week In 5 Headlines




Thailand News: The Week In 5 Headlines | Samui Times
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Thailand news recap (May 25th-31st). The top national stories this week surround the Kingdom reaching a milestone date of reopening everything. New Covid-19 tracking apps, easing lockdowns and shortening the curfeware all good signs that the country will open back up on July 1- a move that many are ecstatic about, thus. furthering the government’s successful work to control and contain outbreaks of the coronavirus.

Monday May 25

Samui Health Pass Being Tested

Authorities are testing a new app called “Samui Health Pass” meant to cut down on paperwork that is required for the current method of monitoring Covid-19 for those entering and leaving Koh Samui

The app falls in line with other efforts by the Kingdom to track peoples’ whereabouts such as the already rolled out ThaiChana app. For those who pass the inbound application system in Koh Samui, they will be required to scan the app’s QR code when departing the island.

Thailand News: The Week In 5 Headlines | News by Samui Times


Wednesday May 27

Samui Hotels Gear Up To Welcome Tourists

Many hotels in Koh Samui are ahead of the game when it comes to hygienic standards required in order to reopen for tourists. Such hotels as Banyan Tree and Melia have already been preparing additional precautionary measures to ensure guests’ safety. Methods of sanitation include using the correct cleaners that can kill the coronavirus as well as more frequent cleaning of all areas including guest rooms. Additonal requirements for hotel staff and guests include temperature monitoring, checking in with monitoring apps and rapid response measures upon possible detection of the Covid-19 virus.

Thailand News: The Week In 5 Headlines | News by Samui Times


Thursday May 28

Thailand’s Job Losses Resemble Asian Financial Crisis

Thailand is facing a projection of around 2 million job losses for this year, with 8.4 million people in total at risk of losing their jobs.

Percentages of the expected jobless rate are between three and four times that of the normal 1% rate, which is similar to that of the Asian Financial Crisis of more than twenty years ago.

The agency predicts Southeast Asia’s second-largest economy will shrink 5% -6% this year, due to the outbreak, which has infected 3,054 people in the country.

Thailand News: The Week In 5 Headlines | News by Samui Times


Friday May 29

Thai Airways Not Able To Refund All Unused Tickets

For those who had to cancel, postpone or change flight dates with Thai Airways, the news that the troubled company may not refund your tickets is unsettling. Due to being recently accepted to receive rehabilitation in the Central Bankruptcy Court, Thai law states that the company is required to cease paying back creditors. Unfortunately, those creditors include those who have bought tickets and are owed a refund.

It has also helped affected passengers by allowing them to change their flight schedules, extend the ticket validity periods or has converted the tickets into travel vouchers. It has also refunded some tickets free of charge.

THAI added that the airline has every intention to take care of passengers who have sought refunds and will inform them of their rights under the rehab process.

Thailand News: The Week In 5 Headlines | News by Samui Times


Friday May 29

July 1st Marks Thailand’s Milestone In Return To New Normal

The Thai government has announced July 1 to be the much anticipated end to the Covid-19 emergency decree, lockdowns, curfew, travel bans and business closings.

However, the new normal still requires the use of face masks, social distancing, hand washing and limiting activities. 

The emergency decree will stay in place for the month of June as well as the international travel ban. A third phase of reopenings is scheduled to commence on June 1.

Thailand News: The Week In 5 Headlines | News by Samui Times


The next weekly Thailand recap will be on Sunday, June 7

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