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Thailand News: The Week In 5 Headlines




Thailand News: The Week In 5 Headlines | Samui Times
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Thailand news recap (June 1st-7th). The top national stories this week focus on the rest of the Kingdom reopening safely and ways to promote domestic tourism. As international flights are still banned, officials are relying on domestic travel to kick off the reopening of the country’s businesses . Regardless of the measures, it is clear that the coronavirus pandemic has had a devastating impact on the economy with many saying their mental health has suffered.

Monday, June 1

Hotels Encouraged To Give Promotions

With most hotels opening in July, the Tourism Authority of Thailand is encouraging them to give promotions in a bid to increase tourism and help those suffering hotels start off on the right foot.

With domestic tourism targeted in the immediate future, hotels may take advantage of the relaxed measures being rolled out to allow domestic travel. Many hotels are already planning promotions with some offering huge discounts to lure customers.

Thailand News: The Week In 5 Headlines | News by Samui Times


Tuesday, June 2

Mental Health Issues Mounting

Stress and anxiety have apparently gotten worse after Covid-19 ravaged the economy in Thailand. According to a survey from a Bangkok university, these mental health symptoms rank at the top for those suffering from the coronavirus fallout.

Clearly financial worries and food insecurity has largely contributed to the rise in mental health issues, with many cases of suicide attempts and completed suicides reported in numbers that are far above the normal amount for the Kingdom. The UN has warned that a global mental health crisis is on the brink of arriving, affecting all ages of people including children.

If you or anyone you know is in emotional distress, please contact the Samaritans of Thailand 24-hour hotline: 02 713 6791 (English), 02 713 6793 (Thai) or the Thai Mental Health Hotline at 1323 (Thai).

Thailand News: The Week In 5 Headlines | News by Samui Times

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Wednesday, June 3

Only Some Countries Allowed To Enter Thailand After Reopening Travel

The jury is still out regarding when international travel will be allowed in Thailand with rumors of July being the milestone date.

However, the reopening won’t be as liberal as it sounds with Prime Minister Prayut saying only those from certain countries will be allowed to enter the Kingdom. This is in part due to other countries’ facts and figures on how they have handled the Covid-19 pandemic.

Regardless of who may enter, the PM has said that those holding work permits and diplomats will most probably be first in line to come back in where they will still face possible quarantine upon arrival and other safety measures.

Thailand News: The Week In 5 Headlines | News by Samui Times

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Thursday, June 4

Wet Massage Salons, Bars, Concerts, Sports To Reopen 

Discussions are taking place to mull the steps needed for the rest of the businesses to reopen safely. Those businesses that have not been allowed to fully open include bars, concerts, wet massage salons, sports competitions, larger film crews, schools, elderly care facilities, national parks, water parks, playgrounds, game shops and conference rooms for over 200 participants.

So far, some of these businesses have been allowed to partially reopen, but no date has been set yet for the commencement of these types of businesses to operate fully.

Thailand News: The Week In 5 Headlines | News by Samui Times


Friday, June 5

Domestic Tourism Stimulus Measures To Be Decided Next Week

Domestic tourism stimulus measures, including gift vouchers and cash handouts, are expected to be decided on by next week with the disbursement of aid to be reported from July to October. The TAT has also introduced a proposal to offer free outings to the 1.2 million front-line healthcare workers who have played a pivotal role in the treatment and containment of Covid-19 in the Kingdom.

Additionally, the TAT wants to give 4 million people each 3,000 THB to encourage domestic tourism.

The move to target domestic tourism is largely due to the projected number of foreign tourists arrivals dropping by 60 percent this year.

Thailand News: The Week In 5 Headlines | News by Samui Times

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