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Thailand News: The Week In 5 Headlines




Thailand News: The Week In 5 Headlines | Samui Times
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Thailand news recap (June 8th-14th). The top national stories this week focus on spurring the economy with the national curfew ending tomorrow, Phuket’s airport opening yesterday, national parks’ reopening date being announced, possible handouts to domestic tourists and a move to tax foreign international tech companies.

All of these decisions certainly may be in the nick of time as a huge surge in the Thai baht has analysts worried.

Despite money being on the government’s mind, bars and other entertainment venues will remain closed- even after the 4th phase of the Kingdom’s relaxation measures commences.

Thai Airways have also announced it will extend its international travel ban another month as there is still no word of international flights being officially opened by CAAT’s authorities.


Monday, June 8

Domestic Travelers May Get 3,000 THB Tourism Credit

Domestic tourists in Thailand may get a 3,000 thb travel bank credit to use at participating hotels , restaurants and tourist attractions. The move is undoubtedly the latest in an effort to get Thailand’s economy rolling again.

Each potential traveller would reportedly get the 3,000 thb to use when traveling and can split up the money between eating, lodging and activities. Each company that participates in the voucher program will have to register, however, the travelers themselves would not be required to register to use the credit.

They plan to roll out the new tourism stimulus package in July as that is when everything will officially reopen.

Thailand News: The Week In 5 Headlines | News by Samui Times

(Photo: Chiang Rai Times)


Tuesday, June 9

Thai Airways Extends Int’l Ban Until August

Thai Airways has announced its decision to push back offering international flights until August after no word from CAAT that flights abroad will reopen.
The news comes after THAI airways filed for bankruptcy protection with representatives also saying that the reopening of flights would not be profitable at this time.
Thailand News: The Week In 5 Headlines | News by Samui Times

(Photo: International Flight network)


Wednesday, June 10

Int’l Tech Companies Will Now Have To Pay Thailand Tax

Thailand is putting forth a bill that would require foreign tech companies pay to play if they make over a certain amount. The tax would affect music, video, gaming and hotel booking businesses who wish to operate in the Kingdom. Currently, Thai tech companies have to pay VAT which points to the unfairness of foreign companies getting a free tax pass.

Thailand News: The Week In 5 Headlines | News by Samui Times

(Photo: PCR)


Thursday, June 11

Pubs, Bars, Massage Parlors Remain Closed During Phase 4

Bars, pubs and erotic massage parlors are among those of which will not be allowed to reopen in Thailand’s Phase 4 relaxation measures.

The reopening measure, scheduled for late June or early July, also gives a “no-go” for beer houses, karaoke bars and ball pits for children.

Thailand News: The Week In 5 Headlines | News by Samui Times


Friday, June 12

Thailand’s National Curfew Ends Tomorrow

Hooray! Thailand’s curfew ends tomorrow (Monday) making way for more relaxation measures to begin. However, despite alcohol sales being allowed, pubs and bars will remain closed. The state of emergency will continue until further notice with rumors swirling that July 1 will be its official end date.

Recently officials were mulling a tempora

Thailand News: The Week In 5 Headlines | News by Samui Times


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