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Thailand News: The Week In 5 Headlines




Thailand News: The Week In 5 Headlines | Samui Times
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Thailand news recap (June 8th-14th). The top national stories this week focus on the Kingdom’s efforts being recognized after ranking near the top for Covid-19 recovery cases. In light of its seemingly successful outcome, the government is looking towards giving businesstravelers the top priority when reopening international flights. However, its heavy reliance onChinesetourists saving the day may not be a good idea as a second wave of virus has hit Beijing forcing the country to go into disaster-mode once again. There is no word yet on when other foreigners would be allowed into the country with many Thais fearing once tourists arrive, they will bring with them a second wave of the virus.

Monday, June 15

Thailand Ranks 2nd For Covid-19 Recovery

Thailand has taken second place for the amount of recovered coronavirus cases after Australia. The news is a boost to morale in the Kingdom as a concerted effort by frontline workers and large groups of volunteers have undoubtedly contributed to its high rank globally. Among Asian countries, Thailand is number one for the same category and is inching closer to the 28 day mark of no locally reported cases. If it reaches the mark, Thailand could be declared an infection-free nation which would do wonders for its tourism reliant economy. Already, the government is focusing on promoting travel to the Kingdom by emphasizing its safety and hygienic measures in a “new normal” for visitors looking for stability after the pandemic.

Thailand News: The Week In 5 Headlines | News by Samui Times

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Tuesday, June 16

Thais Fear Foreign Tourists May Bring More Virus Cases

As measures are beginning to relax travel restrictions into Thailand, a majority of Thais are reluctant to see more tourists arriving. Despite many businesses looking forward to the income that foreign travelers bring, many Thais think that a second wave of Covid-19 would commence if tourists are allowed to enter again. The news of the timid mentality came after a poll was conducted by a major Bangkok university with 75 percent of Thais saying they would not want tourists to be allowed anytime soon.

Thailand News: The Week In 5 Headlines | News by Samui Times


Wednesday, June 17

Police Eyeing Bars Who Try To Pass As Restaurants 

Apparently the police have caught on to bars who have tried to maneuver around the rules that state alcohol-only establishments are not to reopen. Such bars have figured out that if they serve food , they would avoid the rules that would see them closed. Pattaya was the center of police investigations over crafty bar owners attempting to skirt around the law. But police are warning that they are on to the practice which could give other bars owners the same idea nationwide. Currently, there is no date yet as to when businesses who only sell alcohol can reopen.

Thailand News: The Week In 5 Headlines | News by Samui Times

Thursday, June 18

Other Laws May Replace Emergency Decree

Despite the Kingdom’s Emergency Decree ending in the near future, the government is not ready to relax certain measures as it is reportedly looking at other laws to enforce that would mimic the current decree. As the country is still in a declared State of Emergency since March, it is looking at the Communicable Disease Act to continue strict its strict measures. Currently, that act is running in joining with the State of Emergency and authorities say they may not expire it in order to keep restrictions running.

Thailand News: The Week In 5 Headlines | News by Samui Times


Friday, June 19

International flights may start in september

International flights may start back up in September, however, it is uncertain as demand for such flights may not prove profitable for many airlines.

The financial situation of airlines coupled with Thailand’s health security measures are the main issues that would decide the reopening of flights as travel bubbles would be the first rollout of such flights, which include only countries who enter an agreement with the Kingdom.

Business travelers are reportedly the first ones who will be able to return to Thailand, along with diplomats and other people with important tasks.

Upon reopening, there will also be a new set of security measures in place to keep passengers safe. No word yet on when the date of international flights reopening will be announced.

Thailand News: The Week In 5 Headlines | News by Samui Times

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