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Thailand performs better on graft-busting efforts

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Thailand performs better on graft-busting efforts | Samui Times
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The latest ranking of the country was released by the anti-corruption watchdog Transparency International (TI) as it presented its annual corruption perceptions index on Wednesday.

Thailand performs better on graft-busting efforts | News by Samui TimesThe two points gaining from 35 to 37 for the military government’s anti graft performance raised the country’s ranking from 101st place in 2016 to 96th in the latest 2017 ranking.

Thailand scored 38 points both in 2014 and 2015.

For the ASEAN region, Thailand and Indonesia tied for fourth at 37 points, while Singapore was on top with 84 points, and Cambodia came in last place at 21 points.

Brunei and Malaysia came in second and third places with 62 and 47 points respectively. Vietnam came 6th at 35 points, Philippines 7th at 34, Myanmar 8th at 30, and Laos 9th at 29.

National Anti-Corruption Commission chairman Pol Gen Watcharapol Prasarnratchakit will report the prime minister today on the improvement released by the international corruption watchdog.

New Zealand came top on the list with 89 points, followed by Denmark 88 on the second rank, while Finland, Norway, Switzerland, equal at 85, and Singapore, Sweden at 84.

Somalia was the worst performer with 9 points, ranking last among the 180 nations listed, below South Sudan 12, Syria 14, Afghanistan 15 and Yemen 16.

The Transparency International’s ranking is compiled by awarding countries a score of between one and 100, based on data from 12 international organisations including the World Bank, African Development Bank and the World Economic Forum.

The index reflects the relation between transparency and democracy.

According to TI chair Ferreira Rubio, countries where rule of law is respected, freedom of expression is respected, freedom of the press is respected” topped in the rankings.

Countries on the list are as follow:

TOP 12:

1. New Zealand 89 points

2. Denmark 88

3. Finland, Norway, Switzerland, equal at 85

6. Singapore, Sweden 84

8. Canada, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Britain 82

12. Germany 81


16. United States, Belgium 75

20. Japan 73

23. France 70

42. Spain 57

54. Italy 50

71. South Africa 43

77. China 41

81. Turkey 40

135. Russia, Mexico 29


169. Venezuela, Iraq 18

171. Libya , North Korea 17

175. Yemen, Sudan 16

177. Afghanistan 15

178. Syria 14

179. South Sudan 12

180. Somalia 9

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