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PM Prayut still debating Extension of Emergency decree

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PM Prayut still debating Extension of Emergency decree | Samui Times
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A conference of cabinet ministers did not address the extension of the emergency decree.” – Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha.

“The Cabinet meeting did not allow the extension of the Emergency Decree, which is being implemented nationally until 30 April. The Government is gathering relevant information, which will be addressed to the Cabinet meeting next week. The situation would rely on public cooperation and compliance with the precautionary measures.”

“The government would have to be especially cautious while determining which measures can be relaxed.”

“Though fewer infections are now registered at national level, the government can not begin to relax the measures that have been used to contain the Covid-19 virus as it may contribute to another spike of Covid-19.

Linking back to his intention to contact the top 20 richest people in the world, the Prime Minister says…

“I wanted to know how their organisations are supporting their workers and to gather ideas and thoughts from all those concerned, as they can be used to endorse the government’s actions.” Prayut added that he would not meet the 20 billionaires in person, “and no one would benefit from the manipulation of these details.”

PM Prayut still debating Extension of Emergency decree | News by Samui Times


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