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Thailand Travel Q & A


When is the best time to travel to Thailand?


It may vary by region, but it is possible to visit Thailand all year round. The perfect time to travel is between November and early April during the cool and dry season.


Is it safe to travel to Thailand?


Thailand is usually a safe country to visit, but it is wise to study local culture and customs before arrival. Exercise caution when dealing with strangers (both Thai and foreign). Attacks on travelers in Thailand is relatively rare, but it does happen.


Do I need a visa for Thailand?


In Thailand, many nationalities can obtain a 30 day on arrival tourist visa. This visa can be extended for another 30 days upon payment at immigration. This allows many tourists to remain in Thailand for 8 weeks, without considering long visa options.


How expensive is Thailand?


The price of staying in Thailand largely depends on lifestyle. Many backpackers can by with 300-500 thai baht, by renting an affordable room and eating local Thai food. Others tourists may choose a more luxurious lifestyle and Thailand has a wide array of options in every price category.


Is Thai street food safe to eat?


Street food in Thailand (and many other countries) is no more dangerous than restaurants. When you buy food from a street vendor, you’re more likely to be served with fresh food and see it being cooked, both of which is important keeping you healthy. Pad Thai, Pad Krapao and a variety of soups and curry are often sold between 40-80 thai baht.

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