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Koh Samui Guide

Koh Samui – The Ultimate Guide

Everything you need to know about Samui and its surrounding islands in 2020.


Majestic Coconut palms, powdery sand beaches, bright blue skies and crystal clear azure oceans are the travel industry clichés of a typical tropical getaway. They also happen to be a more than fitting and accurate description of Thailand’s third largest island, Koh Samui that possesses a unique and captivating allure that goes well beyond the cliched.


First inhabited over 15 centuries ago when fishermen from the Malay peninsula and southern China discovered this island paradise and set about starting to settle and cultivate the land that abounded with Coconut trees. The origins of the name Koh Samui are less well known, Koh is the Thai prefix for island, but a popular theory has it that ‘Samui’ may be a corruption of the Chinese word ‘Saboey’ meaning safe haven.


Whether you arrive at the delightful and quite charming Samui International Airport, consistently ranked since its creation among the top ten airports in the world, or at one of the two ferry ports serving the island you will be instantly enamored by the captivating beauty surrounding you.


At 247 square kilometres the island offers a wide variety of scenic splendor and the recently refurbished 50Km ring road that circuits the island makes any destination easily accessible. For an island like this to be continually popular with both tourists and a growing community of ex-expatriates alike there must be choices available and Koh Samui has them in abundance. Ranging from tranquil villages like Maenam, where life can be seen going along as it must have centuries ago to the bright lights, classy boutiques and eclectic mix of after hours entertainment in Chaweng, the visitor is certain to find just the right ambiance at any given moment of the day.


The opportunities for sheer self indulgence are practically limitless. Pamper yourself with a traditional Thai massage, dine in internationally acclaimed restaurants, dance the night away to the beat of the latest music, or simply just absorb the beauty that surrounds you by relaxing on one of the world class stretches of pristine beach. Whatever you chose to do, there is no doubt that Koh Samui offers a fabulous variety of unequaled opportunities in fulfilling your expectations of a true fantasy island.


Let your soul become a part of the very fabric of the island way of life. The enchantment is inescapable, the serenity captivating.


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