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Thailand’s alcohol Industry pleas PM to lift prohibition

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Thailand’s alcohol Industry pleas PM to lift prohibition | Samui Times
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Thailand’s alcohol industry is joining forces to ask PM Prayut Chan-o-cha to lift the ban on the selling of alcohol, imposed as part of the national state of emergency to avoid the spread of Covid-19.

The alcohol-industry organisations headed by the Thai Fruit Wine and the local Spirit Producer Group, the Thai Bartender Group and the Thai Wine Association. Together they made their case to the PM.

While there was no national prohibition, all 76 of Thailand’s provinces, including Bangkok, have banned the selling of alcohol until Thursday, the original date of expiry of the Emergency Decree.

Numerous associations have requested the government not to extend the ban beyond that date and to allow alcoholic drinks to be sold through take-away and delivery services.

They have asked the government to ease their tax burden and help control the loss of tainted drinks while all pubs, clubs and bars remain closed.

So far this year, the Excise Department has raised 132 billion baht of alcohol tax, including 70 billion baht of beer and 62 billion baht of liquor.

The groups also want the government to lift the ban on wholesale trade in alcohol, which they argue prohibits manufacturers and distributors from exporting goods to stores where stocks can be stored safely under climate-controlled conditions.

They asked the authorities to warn them in advance of the implementation of potential alcohol-related regulations, arguing that, in many cases, provincial governors declared local alcohol bans the night before or even the day they became effective.

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