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Thailand’s biggest burger

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Thailand’s biggest burger | Samui Times
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If you are in Bangkok and are feeling hungry and you have a seriously big appetite then head to 25 Degrees, 188 Silom Road and tuck into Thailand biggest burger. The great news is that if you tuck into it and finish it within 30 minutes then you will win a year’s worth of free burgers, but only if you win!

This incredible competition started on 16th of March and amazingly a few have actually managed to finish the meal that consists of 1kg of ground Wagyu Sirlion Beef, 200g of mixed mushrooms, 350g of American Cheese, 150g of yellow cheddar cheThailand biggest burger 2ese, 100g of onion rings, 350g of crispy bacon and 400g of French brioche butter.

Japanese Rocket News 24 Correspondent Kuzo decided he would have a go at this mammoth mouthwatering morsel as he made his way through Thailand and stopped in at 25 Degrees.

As a great lover of beef, putting away two regular-sized hamburgers isn’t entirely out of the question for Kuzo if he’s feeling particularly hungry so he figured the single 2.5 kilogram burger should fill him up

Kuzo wisely opted for a zero-calorie soda to go with the burger that’s roughly the size of his head. 25 Degrees does supply diners with a knife and fork, but as a true burger aficionado, Kuzo shunned them both. He then found out that not only is the Biggest Burger hard to hold, it’s so big it’s difficult to bite into, too.

thailand biggest burgerAccording to his report the bun is pretty uninspired, and was the only part of the sandwich Kuzo didn’t eat all of. Of course, the lackluster bread can be forgiven when it’s simply the momentary precursor to all that glorious beef. It’s cooked rare and lightly seasoned, letting its natural flavors take center stage, and Kuzo reported it tasted even better after he added a dash of salt and pepper. But with so much to eat, does the flavor become unenjoyable repetitive? Not at all, Kuzo assures us. “I enjoyed it all the way to the end,” he says. We guess you really can’t have too much of a good thing, at least if that good thing is a burger.

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