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Thailand’s Covid-19 update (April 19)

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Thailand’s Covid-19 update (April 19) | Samui Times
Thailand has enforced numerous check points around the nation to combat the Covid-19 outbreak (
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Thailand’s Covid-19 Update

Today, Dr. Taweesin Visanuyothin, Speaker for the Government Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration announced Thailand’s Covid-19 update. He says…

“Thailand’s total number of Covid-19 patients have increased to 2,765, with 32 new cases confirmed over a 24-hour period, and no deaths.”

This will be the second consecutive day without any deaths as the number of fatalities stand at 47. With 1,928 patients recovered and returned to their homes and 790 were treated in hospitals.

Sunday’s new cases offered further proof that the Thailand’s Covid-19 curve might be flattening.

Taweensin thanked the Thai people for their cooperation with the government to help ease the curve, as the number of provinces without new cases has increased. He also says that the data showed that people in the 20-29 age group were at high risk of infection as they accounted for one-fourth of the total cases.

However, the number of confirmed cases in Bangkok and Nonthaburi has begun to rise.

All cases can be divided into 4 categories

The first group of 18 had close contact with others previously known to be contaminated (14 in Bangkok).

The second group consisted of 5 men, 3 of whom worked in crowded areas or close to foreigners, and 2 who have been in crowded areas.

The third group of 5 people, are under investigation to find the origins of the virus.

The last group of 4 are under state quarantine; 1 had returned from Indonesia, 1 from the United States, and 2 from the United Kingdom.

Meanwhile, 141 people had fully recovered and returned home.

Taweesin encouraged all recovering people to donate plasma to help improve the immunity of current patients, as less than 100 have been donated to date.

Today, the total number of confirmed cases in the country stood at 2765. With 790 are under care, 1928 have been recovered and discharged, and there have been 47 deaths.

Globally, there are more than 2.3 million confirmed cases and nearly 160,000 deaths.

SOURCE: The Nation

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  • Total Cases: 3261
  • Active Cases: 98
  • Recovered: 3105
  • Deaths: 58
  • Last Updated: 23-07-2020 at 04:12