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Thailand’s Covid-19 Vaccine Looking To Start Human Testing Soon

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Thailand’s Covid-19 Vaccine Looking To Start Human Testing Soon | Samui Times
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The government is hoping to start testing its locally manufactured Covid-19 vaccine on humans before the end of the year, according to Suvit Maesincee, Minister of Higher Education Science Research and Innovation.

“If our vaccine trial on monkeys proves successful, we will start the human trial phase after August,” Mr Suvit told the media on Saturday.

Thailand is testing several vaccines. This one involves the government, Chulalongkorn University’s Centre of Excellence in Vaccine Research and Development, the National Vaccine Institute and the Department of Medical Sciences and the private sector.

He said a research team tested their mRNA vaccine on guinea pigs before moving on to monkeys, identified as long-tailed macaques, which share a similar genetic structure to humans.

The vaccine will continue to be trialled on monkeys for three months in the next phase of the process.

If all three tests are successful, the team will start the human trial phase, Mr Suvit said, noting the government could make the vaccine available next year.

“We are using mRNA technology, the newest method for developing vaccines, because the vaccine can be developed rapidly and small amounts can be used to run tests,” he said.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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