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Thailand’s Covid-19 Vaccine Yields Positive Results




Thailand’s Covid-19 Vaccine Yields Positive Results | Samui Times
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Thailand has joined the race in developing a vaccine that could be ready by next year. So far, the vaccine has showed promising results when it was tested on guinea pigs.

According to Suvit Maesincee, the minister of Higher Education Science Research and Innovation, key tests on monkeys will begin next week.

In a press conference yesterday, Mr Suvit said, “Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha ordered us to rush development so Thai people will have enough vaccines for Covid-19 disease prevention.”

Mr Suvit said the research team and Thai government had already made contact with US and Canadian pharmaceutical manufacturers to test the first batch of vaccines on humans.

The research team is has employed mRNA technology for the vaccine which is the “newest” method to develop the vaccine, the minister said.

Biologically, mRNA or Messenger RNA carries the blueprint of the cell’s original DNA involved in the process of building proteins.

When used in a vaccine it “prompts body cells to produce so-called antigens, the tell-tale molecules on the surface of viruses, that spur the immune system into action”, Reuters reported.

Other institutions the Kingdom have also started developing vaccines that are being tested on animals.

Mr Suvit said more than 150 prototype vaccines have been developed worldwide. At least 10 of them have been tested among volunteers in five countries – China, the US, Britain, Germany and Canada.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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