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Thailand’s former PM Thaksin compares marijuana to opium

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Thailand’s former PM Thaksin compares marijuana to opium
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Thailand’s former PM Thaksin Shinawatra is the latest to weigh in on the “happy plant”. In a video address to Thais last night, Thaksin compared marijuana to opium, warning that people need “proper science and education”. He said that when opium first came on the scene, it also had many properties that people used it for, however, it was used recreationally and abused.

The former PM went on to say that when he was in police training, he had friends who used marijuana, leading to scary situations. He said he feared that one friend would jump off a high building while intoxicated. Thaksin added that he once tried a cheaply made ganga product in a capsule that helped him sleep, but he said it gave him bad dreams. Thaksin urged the public to know what it was getting into when it comes to marijuana, saying that it has addictive qualities.

“The people need education, so do youth and the little kids. It shouldn’t be a free for all growing it. If people grow more than 20 plants then the state needs to benefit by taxation.”

A controversial figure, Thaksin was known for his ‘war on drugs’ in Thailand. Thaksin launched a war on drugs in 2003. During the campaign, more than 2,500 people were killed. Thaksin’s government said this was largely due to drug dealers killing each other, but human rights groups said it was the result of extrajudicial police killings.

SOURCE: Daily News | Reuters


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