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Thailand’s genomics centre to launch monkeypox tests in next 2 weeks

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Thailand’s genomics centre to launch monkeypox tests in next 2 weeks
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The Centre of Medical Genomics from Ramathibodi Hospital is developing a Monkeypox test from the genetic codes obtained from Portugal and Belgium. The test will provide the result within 24 hours, and it is expected to be ready for use in the next 2 weeks.

The official Facebook page of the Centre of Medical Genomics announced on May 21 that they are developing the Monkeypox test. The centre said they quickly worked on the test just as a precaution if any cases are detected in Thailand. At this stage there are NO cases reported in Thailand.

The Centre revealed that they used the genetic codes from German and Portuguese laboratories as a blueprint to develop the test with Massarray Genotyping technology that would allow Thai scientists to provide the result within 24 hours. With the technology, Thailand will be able to perform about 100 tests per day. The Centre added that the testing cost and time spent in testing would be similar to the Covid-19 PCR tests.

The genomics centre explained that if Monkeypox is detected in Thailand the medical centres could do a saliva swab or collect samples from blisters and send them to the Centre for further diagnosis.

We repeat again that there are NO Monkeypox cases detected in Thailand at this stage, nor is it considered a major public health emergency if cases are detected.

The Centre is emphasising that information on how Monkeypox was able to spread outside of African countries, where the disease is endemic, is not currently clear. The Centre clarified that Monkeypox is different from Covid-19 because it is primarily spread from close contact and more difficult to transmit human-to-human. They expected to finish the development of an effective test in the next 2 weeks and hoped that the disease wouldn’t enter Thailand in the first place.

SOURCE: Center for Medical Genomics | Thairath


Courtesy ofThaiger News

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