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Thailand’s inbound flight ban has been extended till April 18

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Thailand’s inbound flight ban has been extended till April 18 | Samui Times
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What was initially supposed to be just a 3 day ban has been extended for almost 2 weeks now.

Previously, the ban was applied from last Saturday to Monday, but just hours before the order was due to expire, the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand announced their decision to lengthen the ban until April 18.

The CAAT says…

“The extension was in line with efforts to curb the outbreak of Covid-19 under the Emergency Decree.”

Among this, another motivation that prompted the extension of the ban was that many incoming passengers were reluctant to enter into a mandatory 14 day quarantine upon arrival. There were reports on the weekend that over 100 recent arrivals had ignored quarantine rules, causing a commotion at Svanaphumi Airport, as many were not willing to go into quarantine.

Under the ban, only military, medical, emergency, humanitarian and technical landings will be allowed into the country.

The extension of the ban is bad news for Thai nationals stuck abroad trying to get back into the country. This ban has ultimately delayed plans for Thais trying to return home after the previous ban ended on Monday.

This includes:

  • 35 Thai nationals stranded at Incheon airport in South Korea.
  • 10 at Haneda airport near Tokyo.

It is in Thai Airways’ best interests to get back into business sooner rather than later. But with the pandemic showing no signs of slowing down soon and countries extending their border restrictions, it may be a long while before they can get business back to usual.

SOURCE:Bangkok Post|Simply Flying

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