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Thailand’s lockdown causes small restaurants to go online

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Thailand’s lockdown causes small restaurants to go online | Samui Times
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With new curfews and lockdowns across Thailand, it was only a matter of time before it would have a knock on effect, with many restaurants and food chains having to change from having ‘dining in’ service to home deliveries, to try and stay afloat as the Covid-19 sweeps through the nation.

Smaller restaurants that do not have their own delivery service, have branched out by reaching out and registering with some of the App-based service providers such as Deliveroo, Grab Food and Food Panda, despite these services taking a hefty commission to be listed.

Some restaurants are reaching out to customer via social media for their own deliveries. Otherwise their only option is to close for now, until the current situation passes.

For the latest delivery services around Samui you can download the Food Panda and Grab Food Apps for your phone where you can browse the menus, order and pay for your food. Usually it’s a 30 minute turn-around. Otherwise search in Google for local Samui food deliveries. Your favourite local restaurant will probably provide home deliveries as well.

Nadim Xavier Salhani, CEO of Mudman, the operator of Dunkin Donuts, Au Bon Pain, Baskin-Robbins and Greyhound Cafes, says…

“…the company’s sales have already dropped 30%. The delivery business has not increased as expected because consumers’ behaviour has changed with the outbreak. Many are opting to cook their own food, while delivery competition is fierce. We are still paying our employees, but may have to make cuts in April. Everyone has to accept the pay cut because it is better than a layoff.”

Boonyong Tansakul, chief executive of Zen Corporation, the operator of food brands such as Zen, AKA, Tummour, Din’s and Khiang, says…

“The company will today start to provide delivery service for Khiang around the clock until April 12. The company will assign some staff to recruit new customers in residential areas such as Sukhumvit, Silom, Sathon, Thong Lor and On Nut, offering customers the option to buy three meals on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to increase sales opportunities.”

For the consumer, there is plenty of selection and new protocols for delivery which will guarantee the safety of the delivery service as well as customers, such as Grab food’s new ‘contactless’ option for customers who wanted to minimise contact with people and not pay for delivery. Read More HERE.

SOURCE: The Thaiger

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