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Thailand’s new narcotics laws offers drug offenders treatment

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Thailand’s new narcotics laws offers drug offenders treatment
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The Thai Cabinet yesterday introduced a new set of narcotics laws, downgrading a number of acts to give people a second chance if they have committed minor offences. Some drug offenders will be offered drug treatment instead of prosecution.

Yesterday, the prime minister’s deputy spokeswoman, Traisuree Traisaranakun, reported that the Cabinet approved the new laws under the Narcotics Act. The laws will focus on the limited amount of drug possession.

Traisuree said the new ruling would be used to consider whether a drug offender deserves a chance to get treatment or face a penalty.

According to the report, the law indicated the quota of drugs in Narcotics Category 1, 2, and 5 together with the Active Ingredients Category 1 and 2. Suspects who have a limited number of drugs will be judged as committing minor offences and will be sent to a treatment program instead of being prosecuted.

The quota of drugs in each category is indicated below:

  • Category 1: Heroin under 300 milligrams, methamphetamine under 1.5 grams, and amphetamine under 1.5 grams
  • Category 2: Cocaine under 600 milligrams and opium under 15 grams
  • Category 5: Drugs in the Category 5 couldn’t fall into Category 1 to 4 like Psilocybin mushrooms or magic mushrooms. Anyone who owned drugs in Category 5 under 135 grams would be considered committing a minor offence and will get drug treatment instead of prosecution.
  • Active Ingredients Category 1: Cathinone under 0.5 grams (as a pure substance), psilocin under 0.1 grams, and psilocybin under 0.1 grams
  • Active Ingredients Category 2: Ketamine under 0.5 grams (as a pure substance), nitrazepam under 5 grams, and flurazepam under 0.3 grams

Under the old Narcotics Control Division laws, the drug penalties ranged from one to 10 years in jail time, and a fine between 20,000 baht and 200,000 baht, or both.

The new drug laws have not been well received but some Thai netizens who believe they benefit drug addicts and dealers.

SOURCE: Khaosod | Than Settakij


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