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Thailand’s Prayut orders ban of all cannabis and hemp use on military premises

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Thailand’s Prayut orders ban of all cannabis and hemp use on military premises
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Thai officials are continuing to clamp down on the ‘happy plant’ in various institutions across the country. Thailand’s PM Prayut Chan-o-cha has now ordered a ban against all uses of cannabis and hemp on military premises.

So if any soldiers out there were hoping for any chance of bonding with their pals over a joint, those dreams have now been dashed. Prayut has now ordered all units under the Defense Ministry, military branch, and Royal Thai Police, to raise awareness among officers about regulations, and the happy plant’s risks. Deputy Spokesperson of Defense Ministry Jitnat Punnotok said…

“All organisations under the Defence Ministry must follow the Public Health Ministry regulations on cannabis use. They are allowed to consume cannabis for medicinal purposes but not for recreational use,”

Servicemen are also strictly prohibited from posting pictures or videos of themselves using cannabis on social media, said the ministry, because it would be “inappropriate”.

Earlier this week the use of cannabis was also banned on campuses of universities and agencies in Thailand. However, a university can promote cannabis usage, only if it’s supported by medical professionals’ advice.

This week, Bangkok Governor Chadchart admitted he was concerned about the lack of clarity on cannabis policies after the decriminalisation of cannabis on June 9. He feared the lack of guidelines and accompanying legislation has led to confusion and incorrect assumptions following the announcement.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post | The Pattaya News


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