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Thailand’s suicide cases jump almost 4,000 last year

Samui Times Editor



Thailand’s suicide cases jump almost 4,000 last year | Samui Times
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One Thai person took their own life every two hours last year, the Ministry of Public Health’s study of suicide statistics in Thailand revealed today.

Mental Health department director-general Dr Jessada Chokdamrongsuk said that statistics revealed more than 3,900 Thais committed suicide in 2013.

suicide logoThis showed that 328 people took their lives per month or one in every two hours, he said.

He said that Lamphun province had the highest number of recorded cases, while the lowest recorded number was Pattani province.

Hanging has been found to be the most common method of suicide in Thailand, followed by pesticide poisoning and the use of a gun, he said.

The study found that those who have committed suicide had problems with communication, family relationships, economics or chronic illnesses, while alcohol consumption multiplied the chance of self destruction, by a factor of 2.4.

In order to dissuade anyone from committing suicide, Dr. Jessada said that boosting social bonds or family relationships through genuine affection is the best approach.


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