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Thais stuck in Malaysia tread water to try and cross border

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Thais stuck in Malaysia tread water to try and cross border | Samui Times
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This morning reports of more than 50 Thais tried to cross the Sungai Kolok river, to enter back into Thailand from Malaysia.

The Thais people that were doing this were fully aware that it was illegal.

As they attempted to cross the river on foot, they were met with one of the six teams of soldiers from the 48th Ranger Regiment patrolling a seven-kilometre stretch of the Sungai Kolok river.

It was revealed that instead of queueing properly at the official border checkpoint, the Thai citizens decided to cross the border themselves.

The 50 Thais were then taken to the Sungai Kolok border checkpoint.

There, they were charged with illegal entry and fined 800 baht each.

Although they knew it was an illegal act, they were sent to their home province to conduct a 14 day quarantine.

The returnees says “they were stranded in Malaysia without jobs or money because all business had been shut down.”

“Unable to afford the cost of travelling home through official border checkpoints, which requires embassy letters and costly health certificates, they opted for the illegal channel, willing to be arrested and placed in quarantine”

Below is some of the video footage of the Thais attempting to cross the river.

SOURCE:Bangkok Post

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