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Thais to crack down on “hottest jelly beans in the world”

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Thais to crack down on “hottest jelly beans in the world” | Samui Times
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Thais have been warned not to eat a brand of sweets described as the jelly beans from hell.

Thais to crack down onVideos on YouTube show people eating the “Mee Phet Narok” (Bears Hot as Hell) billed in English as “Hell Spicy Jelly”.

There are claims that the candy is 3,000 times hotter than Thai chilies like Phrik Khii Noo (mouse pooh peppers).

Phoonlap Chanthawijitrawong of the Thai food and trading standards authority said they were going after the makers of the candy for false advertising and lacking necessary permissions.

While doctors have warned that the jelly bears are dangerous and could damage the lining of the stomach especially in people with a propensity for such ailments.

The candy is reported to be made from the hottest chili pepper in the world known as the Carolina Reaper, said Daily News.

Wikipedia says that the 2013 Guinness Book of Records listed it as the hottest chili in the world.

The jelly bears are marketed in Thailand by C.M. Gummi Co Ltd. and have been featured in advertising on the page “MheeMeekhong” on Facebook, said Daily News.

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Thais to crack down on

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