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Thaisolate Float Centre gets ranked no 1 on Trip Advisors Wellness & Spas

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Thaisolate Float Centre gets ranked no 1 on Trip Advisors Wellness & Spas | Samui Times
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The Thaisolate Float Centre has just achieved the rank of number 1 on the Trip advisor Samui Wellness & Spa listings. For those of you who have had the fabulous floatation experience it will not be at all hard to understand why. For those of you who have no idea what a Thaisoalte Float is all about you may be wondering what it is that ‘those in the know’ have been enjoying.floatation tank 2

The Thaisloate Float Centre can be found heading towards Chaweng from Bophut, past Makro on the left and before Tesco on the right. The float centre has two amazing floatation tanks that look like something from the space age. The idea of getting into a floatation tank and leaving the world behind is to offer you the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation.

A floatation tanks is a basically a pod that is filled with water and 600kgs of Epson salts that make the water inside highly buoyant so why you get in and lie down you experience zero gravity. The liquid inside and the air around you are set to body temperature so as you become weightless and all external stimuli is removed you will find yourself in your own space and if you like, completely naked.

This is an experience like no other on Samui and it is the only space where you can really get away from it all, here there are no phones, no laptops, no kids, no demands, just you, your own space and total and utter relaxation.

For some the floatation experience is a way to enjoy total sensory deprivation, with no lights, no sounds one can enjoy powerful realizations, enjoy heightened creativity and true peace.

floatation tank 1Some floating devotees choose not to be taken quite as deeply into their own space and listen to their favorite music and simply allow their physical aches and pains to drift away into the salty water and just zone out to their favorite tracks. Some even keep the low level lights on within the tank and daydream in a perfect spot to get away from the trials and tribulations of life for a while.

Some use the floatation tanks for health issues, such as back problems, being weightless is an amazing way to ease aches and pains and let your body float effortlessly in the water.

Whatever reason you choose to use the floatation tanks it really is an experience not to be missed. The staff are on hand to explain everything you need to know about floating and there are showers to rinse off afterwards and an area where you can share your own personal experience over a cup of herbal tea if you choose.

To find out more about Thaisloate you can visit their website by clicking here

Visit the Facbook page by clicking here and to find out what Trip Advisor says about the experience then just click here.

Or call 077 426 967

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