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Thaivisa Exclusive: Full Moon Party pays tribute to King Bhumibol Adulyadej

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Thaivisa Exclusive: Full Moon Party pays tribute to King Bhumibol Adulyadej | Samui Times
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The world famous Full Moon party returned to Koh Phangan on Monday night but not before a remembrance service for the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej was held on the Full Moon Beach in Haadrin outside Tommy Resort, which hosts one of the main sound stages for the party.

full-moon-king-thailandThe service marked the end of the national 30 day mourning period, was conducted by the leading Monks on the island and attendees included all the government hierarchy of Suratthani province.

Many full moon revellers had heard it would take place and hit the beach early to be part of what would be a once in a lifetime moment, albeit a sombre affair. They too held candles whilst the Monks chanted Buddhist prayers and it was felt they understood what the King meant to the Thai people.

our Westerners who live on the island were asked to speak on behalf of the ‘farang’ and to say what the King meant to them and how it had affected them. One of the speakers was Thai Visa Radio 1’s very own Graham Gold who said “.

He was the longest reigning monarch in the world by 6 years over our own Queen Elizabeth 11 and I think I can honestly say that whilst Great Britain would be sad when the Queen does pass away, the effect on the British people would be nothing like that was experienced when the King died here”.

He added “Many Westerners posted on social media like Facebook, changing their profile photo to either just a black space or the tearful eye with Thailand’s flag inserted. For many, Thailands King had become OUR King,.and we all feel the terrible sadness.”

We understand it was being televised either live or for future broadcast.

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