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Thaivisa exclusive: “I’m standing by my man”, says Thai wife of German trapped by social media

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Thaivisa exclusive: “I’m standing by my man”, says Thai wife of German trapped by social media | Samui Times
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The Thai wife of the German man arrested on a warrant after being featured on social media cooking BBQ chicken has said she is standing by her man.

And she doesn’t believe he is a pedophile. 

Thaivisa exclusive:

As far as the wife goes, Maximilian Fernsebner, 34, is her hero who looks after her and is a great dad to the couple’s six month old son. 

Pawinee or Naen, 26, was speaking exclusively to Thaivisa on Thursday after her husband was arrested and taken away to detention in Bangkok. 

Back in May Maximilian was featured on social media helping the family out cooking up the chicken at their stall in Pak Chong, Nakornratchasima.

It was not the couple’s intention to promote themselves online. Someone who wasn’t even a customer stopped at the stall and thought it would be a good idea to take pictures and share the story.

The story went viral and TV stations even beat a path to the family’s door though Maximilian turned down their requests to feature him.

With good reason. 

He was aware that there was likely to be some problems from his past after he came to Thailand in 2017.

He came to the attention of Thai immigration first and was fined 1,600 baht for not reporting his arrest. 

But worse was to come. The German authorities contacted the Thais to tell them that there was a warrant out for the arrest of the husband on charges of dealing drugs through the internet.

After fleeing his house when the immigration police returned, he eventually was taken into custody after the German embassy came round and the Thais took him away. 

While he was hiding in a creek he had called his mother in Germany to get the embassy involved 

Naen said that she met her husband – who she calls “Baby” – in Thailand in January 2017. 

She didn’t know the full details about her husband’s drug dealing and was not sure what drugs were involved. He had been secretive about that, she said because he did not want to worry her. 

“He has always been very good to my family, all of whom live in Pak Chong,” Naen told Thaivisa. 

“He has given us everything and is very supportive of the extended family”.

“We all love him”.

Naen said that she doesn’t care about her husband’s past. 

Press reports have suggested that there have been instances of theft and even pedophilia in the past. 

“I don’t believe that he is a pedophile for one minute”, she said. “And my family doesn’t believe it either”.

“Baby is a great husband and a fantastic father to our six month old son Jonathan”. 

She said that she is angry with certain erroneous press reports and people bad mouthing her husband on social media.

Naen hopes that she can visit her husband in detention in Bangkok before he is deported in the next couple of weeks. 

She intends to follow him to Germany to support him.

“I will never desert him and will always stand by his side,” she said.

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Thaivisa exclusive:
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