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The beach at Nathon

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The beach at Nathon | Samui Times
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If you would like to relax on a beach that is right off the hidden track and is totally deserted but not a million miles away from civilization, then try the one just south of Nathon. The beach can be reached by driving through Nathon and then turning right towards Nathon hospital. At the bottom of the road rather than bearing right to the hospital, go straight on past the Full Gospel Church on the right and then park at the end of the road. Walk down to the beach and turn left. Walk around or climb over the fallen coconut trees (or do the limbo under them) and from here there is a seemingly endless stretch of beach.

The first part of the beach is not the cleanest on the island, there is a lot of ocean debris, coconuts, broken trees and seaweed, however, this is a fabulous place to find lots of gnarly old drift wood and other interesting pieces that can be turned into lamps, small tables and other bits of bobs if you have an artistic flair. As you continue down the beach it becomes considerably cleaner and other than a few small houses that face out onto the beach, you will find yourself completely alone.

The water here is very shallow and not at all ideal for swimming but it is wonderful for young children to paddle and the view of Nathon to the north and the sweep of the bay to the south is quite stunning. The beach gets a lot of sun and super sunsets. If you arrive around 5pm and walk down as far as the stunning Viva Vacation Resort you will be able to enjoy two for the price of one beers and half price cocktails as sundowners. The resort has a huge grassy garden laid in very pretty grounds and a lovely swimming pool. This beach is the ideal place for a long leisurely beach walk. The sand is firm enough for it not to be hard work to walk on but long enough to get a very long stroll and some exercise with virtually untouched land on one side and the endless spread of ocean on the other. On the way home why not stop off in Nathon for a stop of Thai food in one of Nathon’s local and incredibly cheap restaurants or do a spot of shopping at one of the many markets there.

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