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The Mystery of Room 309 at the short time hotel!

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The Mystery of Room 309 at the short time hotel! | Samui Times
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Eerie goings on are being reported at a Pak Kret short time hotel after a man was found dead in one of the rooms.

shortt-time-hotel-thailandA staff member said that he had dozed off and the man who had rented the room earlier came to him to him in a dream beckoning him to go and check the room.

So the staff member went to check but found the door locked and no one answering his calls. When he got a key to open up he found the man naked apart from a towel and very much dead.

The staff member fled in terror before calling police.

Pak Kret, Nonthaburi, police and Poh Teck Tung foundation medics attended the scene in Room 309 that is decorated with gaudy flowers. The unidentified male was in a towel face up on the bed. Next to the body was a finished bottle of water and a glass. In a wallet was 400 baht and a condom, reports Daily News.

A staff member named only as Dodo said that the man had arrived with a woman in a taxi and opened up the room at 7pm on Monday evening. Nothing happened for three hours but at 10pm the woman came rushing out and disappeared into the night.

Dodo thought nothing of it and was sleepy so he had forty winks. In his half sleep he dreamt that the man appeared before him in a towel and pointed his hand towards Room 309. Dodo asked him what was wrong but he didn’t reply; he just kept pointing.

Then the apparition slapped him on the leg and he woke up in a start and headed straight for Room 309 where he made the discovery of the body.

Police are examining CCTV to find out who the girl might have been and if she was involved in the death. They are also checking the bottle and glass to see if there is any unusual residue.

The body of the as yet unidentified victim was sent for autopsy.

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