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Coronavirus Causes

The Myths & Facts of Covid-19 virus

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The Myths & Facts of Covid-19 virus | Samui Times
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While everyone in the world is facing a global pandemic, there has been of speculation regarding the causes and prevention of the Covid-19 Virus.

Here are some of the myths and facts of the Covid-19 virus:

1. 5G mobile Networks can spread Covid-19.

The Myths & Facts of Covid-19 virus | News by Samui Times


– This is a Myth.

Viruses cannot travel on radio waves or mobile networks.

Covid-19 is a disease that spreads through respiratory droplets, from an infected person, when they coughing, sneezing or speak. In addition, you could also be infected by cross-contamination, such as touching an infected surface or item, then touching you eyes, nose or mouth.

2. Drinking alcohol can make you more at risk of infection.

The Myths & Facts of Covid-19 virus | News by Samui Times


– This is true. 

Drinking alcohol will not cause you to instantaneously catch Covid-19, it does make you more likely to catch Covid-19, if you were to come into contact with someone that has been infected.

Alcohol has effects, both short-term and long-term, on almost every single organ of your body. Overall, the evidence suggests that there is no “safe limit”. In fact, the risk of damage to your health increases with each drink of alcohol consumed.

Alcohol use, especially heavy use, weakens the immune system and thus reduces the ability to cope with infectious diseases. Even in very small quantities is known to cause certain types of cancer.

Heavy use of alcohol increases the risk of acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), one of the most severe complications of COVID-19.

Here are some more myths and Facts about Alcohol and Coivd-19:

Myth: Consuming alcohol destroys the virus that causes COVID-19.
Fact: Consuming alcohol will not destroy the virus, and its consumption is likely to increase the health risks if a person becomes infected with the virus. Alcohol (at a concentration of at least 60% by volume) works as a disinfectant on your skin, but it has no such effect within your system when ingested.

Myth: Drinking strong alcohol kills the virus in the inhaled air.
Fact: Consumption of alcohol will not kill the virus in the inhaled air; it will not disinfect your mouth and throat, and it will not give you any kind of protection against COVID-19.

Myth: Alcohol (beer, wine, distilled spirits or herbal alcohol) stimulates immunity and resistance to the virus.
Fact: Alcohol has a deleterious effect on your immune system and will not stimulate immunity and virus resistance.

3. Covid-19 can be transferred through mosquitos

The Myths & Facts of Covid-19 virus | News by Samui Times


– This is Myth.

There is no information or evidence that proves mosquitos can transmit the Covid-19, as itis a respiratory virus.

4. Vaccines against Pneumonia protect you for Covid-19

The Myths & Facts of Covid-19 virus | News by Samui Times


This is another Myth. 

There is currently no vaccine against the Covid-19 virus.

Vaccines against pneumonia, such as pneumococcal vaccine and Haemophilus influenza type B (Hib) vaccine, do not provide protection against the new coronavirus.

The virus is so new and different that it needs its own vaccine. Researchers are trying to develop a vaccine against 2019-nCoV, and WHO is supporting their efforts.

Although these vaccines are not effective against 2019-nCoV, vaccination against respiratory illnesses is highly recommended to protect your health.

5.- Covid-19 only effects people that are old or have health conditions.

The Myths & Facts of Covid-19 virus | News by Samui Times


– This mostly a Myth.

People of all ages, whether they have a health condition or not can catch the Covid-19 virus. But those who are older or have medical conditions (such as asthma, diabetes and heart disease) are more vulnerable to becoming seriously ill with the virus.

SOURCE:EU.WHO|The World Health Organisation

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