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The painless way to youthful looks without the need for plastic surgery!

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The painless way to youthful looks without the need for plastic surgery! | Samui Times
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Everybody likes to look good, and as we get older keeping youthful looks has led many women, and men, to go under the surgeon’s knife, with mixed outcomes. Plastic surgery, like any surgery has its risks such as infection, blood clots, scaring, and fluid buildup under the skin, bleeding, nerve damage, numbness and tingling and in very rare cases death.

Looking and feeling old is no laughing matter but what will make you smile is finding out that there is a painless alternative that is fun to do, will make you laugh and will certainly make you look a lot younger. Face Yoga.

With face yoga you can stop throwing money away on botox and fillers that often gives your face a fixed expression and is certainly not a pleasant procedure to have done, it also does not last and there is a limited amount of times you can have it.

Face yoga was discovered in 1950 by a plastic surgeon who was dating a ballerina. While he was proud of her toned and athletic looking body he noticed that her face did not share her body’s youthful looks. Reluctant to put her under the knife he developed facial exercises or her designed to smooth wrinkles, firm the jaw line and create a healthy glow.

face yoga 2Face yoga has become very popular in Europe, America and Russia and, thanks to Reena, is now available here in Koh Samui. Reena explained to the Samui Times that most people believe that they look older because their skin has aged, but this is not the case. The skin is not responsible for bags, sags and wrinkles it is the muscles that loose tone and can no longer support the skin that are the cause of the problem, but this can be changed.

Like every muscle in your body, face muscles can be toned up by exercise and face yoga can help you regain your youthful looks and give you a sense of well being, looking good is feeling good and doing face yoga feels great!

The great thing about face yoga is that once you have learnt how to do it you can do it anywhere, well, perhaps not on a first date, but who knows, other alternatives are while you are watching TV, in the shower or simply take some ‘you’ time out to simply enjoy the practice.

The road to a new youthful look will start with a full program of face yoga that takes about an hour and miraculously you will notice the effects after only one session. As well as the full session you can use an express program that takes only fifteen minutes, and should be repeated four to five times a week to see maximum benefits. Once your face is toned up and looking great you can switch to the maintenance plan and simply use the full plan once a week and the express program twice.

Reena runs face yoga classes in both English and Russian and anybody can attend. You do not need any special skills, you need no equipment and all you do need to take along is a bit of enthusiasm and some drinking water. Face yoga is a bit like pulling faces and can be lots of fun, many first time visitors to her classes find themselves in fits of giggles, but there is certainly nothing wrong with that, laughing uses thirty of your face muscles!

There are 35 face yoga poses to learn and like any exercise the class will start with a warm up. Then you will learn some Indian techniques that involve facial poses, your fingers and tapping. Face yoga encourages blood circulation to not only your head but your brain, so you will come away feeling happy and refreshed.

Not only can Reena teach you the face yoga poses but she has lots of other tips for minor changes in your day to day life that will help too, things as simple as the way you dry your face with your towel.

Reena is very friendly and personable and her classes are fun and comfortable however, if you want to get really serious about regaining your youthful looks and have a tailor made exercise plan designed for your particular needs she is available for one to once classes.
For more information visit Reena’s facebook page by clicking Here

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