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The Samui Times Best Pizza Award

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The Samui Times Best Pizza Award | Samui Times
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Pizza is one is the most popular dishes in the world. And for very good reason, just think of how many people you’ve met who said they don’t like pizza? Not many right? And those who did say they don’t like belong in an institution anyway. There are endless possibilities when it comes to pizza, that’s why you will see things like breakfast pizza or nutella and banana pizza. All these weird combinations going along in perfect harmony with the more traditional tomato sauce, cheese and meat combinations.

Now on Samui pizza places are a dime a dozen. You can’t throw a rock in a bush without hitting a pizza place, but even though pizza is based on a very simple principle, execution is not quite always as good as one would like. In our quest to find Samui’s best pizza we were left with three choices based on the community’s vote. These were Dr.Frogs, Sa-Mons and Nigel’s Pizza, the first time that a Bangrak institution didn’t make the top three. So let’s get down to it.

First up we have Sa-Mons that had the third most votes. The selection of pizzas is as wide and as different as you will find in any restaurant. I tried the bacon, cream and mushroom one. Now even though that may sound very strange and is probably not the most traditional pizza topping, the result is incredible. Delectable smoky bacon flavor mixed with the earthy mushrooms all rounded up and given a rich finish with the cream. The home mad dough is fantastic, not too crispy and not too soft. Everything topped with delicious cheese. A tough one to beat to be sure.

Second up is Nigel’s pizza in Maenam. With Nigel freshly preparing his pizza’s at home, Nigel’s Pizza is take out only. Even though the set selection isn’t very wide, the build your own option gives you free rein in creating your own magical selection of toppings. In the interest of time and of being a prolific carnivore, I couldn’t resist grabbing a Meaty Blues. With homemade Italian sausage, salami, ham, blue cheese and mozzarella cheese topping a delicious thin crust base that is lovingly painted with a delicious tomato sauce and baked to absolute perfection there is very little to critique about this pizza.

Last but definitely not least, we had Dr.Frogs, the community’s choice. Even though they could probably charge for the stunning view alone, Dr.Frogs offers a lovely selection of pizza’s ranging from a standard tomato and cheese to toppings that include truffle oil and lobster. We went for the Capriccioso that is topped with their signature sauce, ham, mushrooms, olives, salami and of course all rounded off by delicious mozzarella cheese. The base is thin with a light crispy texture and all the toppings are teeming with delicious fresh flavours that really makes your palate dance.

But as usual, there could be only one. To say it was a close call will be an understatement of note, and even though we had to make a choice, you can be sure that you wouldn’t be disappointed by any of the three. And all things considered the one that still makes our mouths water when just thinking about it, the one that we still dream about at night, the one that ultimately stole our hearts by attacking our tongues with delicious flavours is Sa-Mons

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