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The Shack Fishermans Village Koh Samui Introducing the Tomahawk Steak

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The Shack Fishermans Village Koh Samui Introducing the Tomahawk Steak | Samui Times
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The consistent quality of the fresh produce on offer at The Shack and the proficient service from the highly knowledgeable staff bares testament to why this popular restaurant located in the heart of Fishermans Village continues 2017_shack_1to be so successful.
Larry, the original owner now sadly passed, seemed to have had a real businessman’s intuition for employing honest, hardworking people to help run his restaurant right from the outset back in 2003. Before I start waxing lyrical on the main theme of this review, the newly introduced Tomahawk Steak, it is worth taking a moment here to get to know the staff, as all of them contribute in their own unique way in making your dining experience one that you will not forget and keep you coming back to The Shack time and time again.
Omar, originally from Nakhon Si Thammarat on the mainland has been here since day one after Larry spotted his potential whilst visiting a restaurant in Chaweng where he was working as an assistant chef and asked this affable young man to join him in his new venture. Omar has made the kitchen at The Shack his own, preparing starters, side dishes and desserts to order and all accomplished with the minimum of fuss and quite extraordinary calm.
2017_shack_2Geng, Omar’s brother, is the hugely likeable and professional head waiter and he joined the team soon after his brother when he saw how well Omar had fitted into Larry’s original concept. Geng’s easy going nature and command of English makes the clients at the restaurant feel right at home and his knowledge of the extensive wine list helps guests to pair various wines with their chosen meals.
Chip has been at The Shack for a little over six years and works alongside Geng as a dynamic and energetic waiter whose previous experience at several top class restaurants on the island, including the renowned ‘Long Table’, has given him a very good understanding of making guests comfortable and his ready smile is irresistible.
Fluke is a quite exceptional young lady who takes care of the bar at The Shack. She learnt her trade from having her own restaurant a few years ago and is now comfortably installed here as the resident bar person who will create an amazing array of delicious classic cocktails and several noteworthy creations of her own to savour before your meal.
2017_shack_3Omar and Geng’s third brother Pop, was until recently, the Grill chef at The Shack but a stroke has put him out of action and we can only wish him a speedy recovery as this man was second to none when it came to barbecuing prime cuts of beef or fresh seafood. Fortunately newcomers, ‘S’ and his colleague Beer who have been here now two months and six months respectively have leapt into the fray and share the grill duties, ensuring that the quality of the fabulous products on offer continue to be the very best available on the island.
Partners, John and Johan along with restaurant manager Mick have instilled a remarkable work ethic into their team and given them impeccable training which enables all of the staff to slip effortlessly into each others working roles should the occasion arise, this is surely one of the most unified teams of employees that I have come across on Koh Samui and only adds to the enjoyment of a visit to The Shack.
Always aware of changing tastes and new products, The Shack has recently introduced the mighty Tomahawk ribeye steak to their menu, the only restaurant on the island to do so. Named because it allegedly resembles the Tomahawk axe, this is the ultimate ‘Wow’ 2017_shack_4factor steak. It is an on the bone rib eye steak cut from the fore rib with the entire bone left intact and weighing in at a mind boggling average of 1.4kgs. The Tomahawk is cut based on the thickness of the rib bone and is usually 5cm/2 inches thick, the size of this monster makes it an ideal sharing steak for a special occasion or romantic meal as it can quite easily feed two people. The long bone is French trimmed, leaving an amazing presentation and dinner table discussion point. As it is on the bone, it has a fantastic amount of inter-muscular fat marbling which gives it such a unique flavour when grilled on the open coals of the barbecue.
The Tomahawk is sure to be a runaway success as serious meat aficionados on the island can only currently find this magnificent steak at The Shack, it is certainly not an everyday steak but then again it isn’t everyday that you get to eat like The Flintstones….

Neil Cretney.

Customers are advised to book in advance by phone; 0814 255 710 or 0872 646 994

For more information visit The Shack website by clicking here

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