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The Spirit House Chaweng – an incredible dining experience

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The Spirit House Chaweng – an incredible dining experience | Samui Times
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Although Chaweng provides some excellent hotels and entertainment for visitors to Koh Samui it is not really indicative of Thailand or its culture. One often feels sorry for those who travel from every corner of the globe and leave without having had a taste of real Thailand. Strangely enough the once place in Koh Samui that you can find a true Thai experience is in the heart of Chaweng at The Spirit House.

spirit house 1When you visit The Spirit House you are taking a magical, mystical journey into the past and surrounding yourself with traditional Thai architecture and old Thailand. The Spirit House is an authentic Thai village that was brought to Koh Samui from

Ayutthaya, brick by brick, compete with Thai villas, temples, out buildings, court yards, canals and a Chedi that houses ancient, exotic and colourful pictures. The village has tranquil gardens where you can enjoy some solitude, a garden spa where you can enjoy traditional therapies and massage, a cooking academy and a stunning restaurant that has several different private dining areas as well as one that looks over a spectacular lake with beautiful fountains. The Sprit House, as well as being one of the most unique places to eat on the island is also an ideal location for weddings.

spirit house 2Dining in the restaurant is wonderful experience. The restaurant features golden teak wood furnishings, a cocktail bar with a backdrop of mystical and ancient wall drawings, silk curtains and soft furnishings and the creative lighting adds something truly magical to the atmosphere.

The menu offers both traditional and not so traditional Thai dishes that have a splash of fusion and flamboyancy. There is a small selection of European dishes that cater to those who have not yet acquired a passion for Thai cuisine. You will find wide variety of succulent dishes that include Crispy Coconut Prawns – succulent sea prawns dipped in a delicate and delicious coconut batter, Golden bags – small pastry parcels filled with pork, shrimp and spices that comes with chill sauce, Masaman Curry with Char-grilled tender fillet steak, a western take on this popular dish of mild, sweet curry accompanied with potatoes and peanuts and is a Spirit House Speciality, Red Duck Curry – a bold, rich curry accompanied with lychees, grapes and queen tomatoes another specialty of the house and Tender Beef fillet with lemon grass and black pepper sauce – this dish is idea for the steak lovers of the world in an intriguing Thai style that is both tender and succulent.

spirit house 3The deliciously decadent dishes are served on gold filigree hand painted plates, which is very fitting as the menu is based on Royal Thai Cuisine, and as the name suggests, the dishes were traditionally reserved for Royalty. The presentation of the dishes is quite exceptional and the combination of tastes and flavours are as delicious and delightful as the surroundings. Paul and his chef have imaginatively adapted the most popular Thai recipes to encompass the very best Thai cuisine has to offer with western gourmet expertise and the highest quality produce, the results are astounding.

No visit to Koh Samui should be complete without a visit to The Spirit House and residents on the island who have not discovered its best kept secret would be fools not to try it out. Even the local Thai’s who have visited this incredibly unique corner of the island are completely fascinated by it, and it is easy to understand why, within its ancient walls there is no traffic, you are protected from the modern outside world, you cant even hear the noise and bustle of Chaweng, all you can hear is the low level sounds of traditional Thai music, feel the tranquility of the beautiful gardens and indulge in the smells and tastes of beautifully presented, fresh, expertly prepared Royal Thai food with a twist!

The Spirit House can be found by leaving the Police Station near the boxing stadium in Laem din market and turning left before you reach the main Chaweng Strip or if you are coming the other way taking the last right hand turn before the one way system stops being one way. Opening hours are 2pm until 10-30 and you can find more information about this amazing place by visiting

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